His Parents Don’t Want Him To Marry His Fiancée Because Of Her Name, So He Insulted Them

Mehmed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Can you imagine finding your dream partner, wanting to spend the rest of your life with them, only to discover that your family doesn’t want you to marry them because of their name?

This happened to one man who recently got engaged to a woman he loves, but his family is giving him a lot of grief because of her name.

He’s 23 and recently proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Lyric.

“Her family were super happy for us, but mine were less so,” he explained.

“My siblings were fine, though they all think I’m too young to get engaged. My parents are where the problem arises. They were always a little surprised that my fiancée’s name is actually Lyric. When they first met her, they asked what her ‘real name’ was.”

His parents were quite taken aback by Lyric’s name, and although they eventually dropped it and were never outright rude to her about it, he could tell they still found her name to be odd and that it bothered them.

However, their issue with Lyric’s name was brought back up after he proposed to her. Instead of being happy for him, his parents told him he “couldn’t possibly” marry someone named Lyric. His parents felt that Lyric should’ve changed her name once she was older and that she had the kind of name that would hold her back from being successful.

His parents told him that Lyric’s name would cause her to miss out on jobs, have people laughing at her behind her back, and be pitied by others for being stuck with a name her parents “saddled her with.”

“They told me they did not want me to marry someone named Lyric and [that] I could find a respectable person who was not white trailer trash and clearly out to be an embarrassment to herself by proudly holding onto a name like Lyric,” he recalled.

Mehmed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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