She Moved To Norway From The United States And Has Been Dishing About Just How Much Norwegians Love To Eat Tacos

EdNurg - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you a huge fan of tacos?

Tacos are a very treasured food around the world, as they’re delicious, versatile, portable, and fun to eat. Tacos are so popular, and you can find them just about anywhere, whether it be a gourmet taco at a restaurant or a tasty one whipped up in a food truck.

While many countries love eating tacos, did you know that Norway is one of the biggest fans of them?

TikTok user Krysta Alexa (@krystaalexa), an American woman who moved to Norway after meeting her Norwegian husband, educates her viewers on life in Norway, including what Norwegians love to eat.

One of those foods is tacos!

“You might think it would be the U.S., but after Mexico, Norway is the highest consumer of tacos in the entire world,” says Krysta in her viral video on Norway’s love of tacos.

Krysta then explains that tacos are typically eaten on a day called Tacofredag in Norway, which means Taco Friday!

If you love tacos but would rather enjoy eating them on an exciting day like Friday, perhaps you should ditch Taco Tuesday and bring Tacofredag into your home’s weekly routine.

The way Norwegians like to eat their tacos is very different from how authentic Mexican tacos are cooked and assembled.

EdNurg – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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