She Went Out To Lunch With Her Friends And Ruined It After She Told A Stay-At-Home Mom She Just Wants An Excuse To Be Lazy

Nicolas Micolani - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A lot of women have different opinions on what they should be doing after getting married and having children.

Some are content with becoming stay-at-home moms who do most of the childcare and housework while their spouse works, while others believe they should be able to continue working while splitting up household duties evenly with their spouses.

Whichever lifestyle you believe in is totally up to you, but maybe you shouldn’t judge how other women choose to live. 

One woman recently upset her friend who is a stay-at-home mom like her but believes her husband should take on more of their household chores.

She’s a busy stay-at-home mom with five children. Two of her kids are too young to be in school, and on top of everything, she helps take care of her husband’s grandmother. Meanwhile, her husband works full-time.

Although very busy, she still manages to set aside a few hours each day to clean the house and check off a list of chores. Therefore, her husband hardly has to do any household duties since he works full-time. 

She has a friend group that consists of four other moms. One of them is a stay-at-home mom like her, while the other three still work.

Recently, while they were all out at lunch, one of the moms who works full-time alongside her husband mentioned she had to hire a housekeeper to clean her house every other week because neither she nor her husband has time to do any chores.

“The other stay-at-home mom was agreeing with her about finding it difficult to keep the house clean when her husband does only a few chores inside the house,” she said.

Nicolas Micolani – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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