He Found Out His Wife Booked A Plane Ticket Abroad For A Girl’s Weekend Without Telling Him, So Now He Doesn’t Support Her Going Away

Photo 154630225 © Eva Blanco - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 37-year-old guy believes that he and his wife, who is 34, have a great marriage. And they don’t currently have kids because, right now, they are both unsure if they really want children.

Anyway, just yesterday, he was going over their bank account and credit card statements when he found a large, unexpected charge. Even stranger, it was from an airline.

“We do not have any travel planned in the next six months,” he said.

So, he confronted his wife about the purchase and asked if she knew anything about it.

At that point, she admitted to booking a single plane ticket for herself to a tropical destination. Apparently, she planned to go there with one of her friends for their birthday.

He was really shocked by that, too, because his wife never mentioned the trip or the fact that she planned to buy the ticket.

“I’m floored and do not approve of her using our money behind my back in order to please one of her friends just because her friend wants to go to a tropical island,” he explained.

He also doesn’t think it’s fair for his wife to get to go on a trip while he has to stay home.

In fact, just about three weeks ago, he was invited to go on a trip to South America with his coworker and a few other guy friends. But, at the time, he turned down the invitation to go on vacation.

Photo 154630225 © Eva Blanco – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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