In 2016, This College Student Left Behind His Phone, Wallet, And Personal Letter Stating That He Planned To Leave Town For A While, And His Family Never Heard From Him Again

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It’s always shocking and heartbreaking when young people with tons of potential and several people who care for them suddenly vanish and aren’t heard from again.

One of those young people was James Martin Roberts, who’s been missing from his home state of North Carolina since he mysteriously disappeared in 2016. 

James, who often went by Martin, was a 19-year-old student studying at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, the year he went missing. He was a lover of sports and a talented athlete who particularly excelled in soccer.

Martin’s dad recalls having a good conversation with him not long before he went missing, making fun plans for the summer and looking forward to the future.

Then, on April 21st, 2016, Martin’s roommates, who he lived with in an apartment, watched him leave that morning. Unfortunately, that was the last time they saw him. 

Martin was seen on camera near the Convocation Center at Appalachian State University around noon that day, which was the last time anyone had seen him. 

After not hearing from his son for a few days, Martin’s dad called his landlord, who got his roommates to check for him in his room. To their surprise, Martin wasn’t in his room, but a letter was. 

Although the full letter was never released to the public, according to authorities, the letter was very personal and indicated that he had planned to leave town and his loved ones behind for a while, but there was no description of how long he’d be gone or where he was going. It had become apparent that Martin was facing some challenges, but the letter didn’t suggest he had planned on hurting himself.

Martin also left behind his phone, laptop, and wallet. 

SeanPavonePhoto – – illustrative purposes only

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