Right Before Pope Innocent X Fell Ill In 1654, She Convinced Him To Move All Of The Gold From The Vatican’s Reserve Into His Bedroom And Stole It All

She would work with the Pope from the wee hours of the morning until midnight almost every night. Many church men and cardinals were furious with her for taking so much power into her own hands, but many women saw her as a sort of rockstar.

Anyone who wanted the Pope’s approval would have to bribe Olimpia first, typically with gold and jewelry.

Any royals or dignitaries that visited the Vatican would have to attend her weekly card parties, where they always let her win in order to get on her good side. Olimpia often sponsored artists, musicians, and playwrights despite many cardinals’ disapproval.

One of her final sneaky moves to gain more power and fortune occurred when Pope Innocent X fell ill in 1654. Right before he died, she convinced him to move all of the gold from the Vatican’s gold reserve into his bedroom.

Trunks of gold were stacked under his bed. Over the course of a few weeks, she stole it all. Isn’t that crazy?

It was a custom then that when the Pope died, the closest family member would have to pay for his funeral. But despite secretly emptying out the entire gold reserve, Olimpia refused to pay, stating that she was “only a poor widow.” Pope Innocent X would go on to be buried in an unmarked grave.

The new Pope, Alexander VII, was so disgusted with Olimpia’s actions that he was prepared to have her exiled from Rome.

But, then, the bubonic plague broke out right around that time, so Olimpia simply retired to her country palace in Viterbo, where she died alone in 1657.

Talk about a story! Have you ever heard of Olimpia before?

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