She Survived A Stroke, Even Though She Was Told She Was Experiencing Anxiety And Got Sent Home From The Emergency Room Several Times

Liudmila Dutko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you know a friend or relative who suffered from a stroke? A stroke is a serious medical emergency, as they’re essentially a brain attack that can cause lasting damage to someone’s body. If not taken seriously or treated immediately, a stroke can be fatal.

One content creator went viral after sharing her story of how she survived a stroke, even though she was first dismissed during her initial emergency room visit.

In a series of videos, Jenna Muscat (@jennamcat) explains how, a few years ago, she went to the emergency with extreme headaches that were a symptom of a severe stroke, only to be told she was experiencing anxiety. Three years ago in 2020, Jenna began having extremely painful headaches in late August.

Previously, she was perfectly healthy and was going through an exciting time in her life, as she was a week away from receiving her master’s degree. Then, one day, she woke up with a headache that became excruciating over time.

“Calling it a headache just doesn’t do justice to it,” explains Jenna in one of her videos. “It was more pain than I had ever been in in my entire life.”

Then, she suddenly had an onset of “really scary neurological symptoms,” as her vision and hearing would go in and out, parts of her body would go numb, she’d be nauseous, and she had a hard time balancing and speaking.

Jenna went to the emergency room three different times for her symptoms and got sent home each time.

On her fourth visit, a doctor finally ordered a CT scan, but when it came back clear, he told her she simply had anxiety and sent her home with some valium, dismissing all her concerns.

Not long after, Jenna’s dad found her lying on her bathroom floor and took her back to the emergency room, demanding that her condition be taken more seriously.

Liudmila Dutko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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