She Was Supposed To Return Home After Working A 12-Hour Shift, But Her Husband Only Found Blood And Signs Of A Struggle In Their House, And She’s Been Missing Ever Since

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I can’t imagine the pain one must feel to go home thinking their loved one will be there, only to find that they’ve vanished and there are signs that something went horribly wrong.

That happened to Melinda Mcghee’s family, who haven’t seen her since 2003, when they expected to see her home from work safe and sound but instead discovered a disturbing scene.

In 2003, Melinda McGhee was a busy mom living in Alabama with her husband Troy, their two children, and her stepson.

She was 31-years-old and working as a caregiver in a nursing home while also working hard as a nursing student. She was described as bubbly, caring, and excited about life.

Tragically, she went missing in March of that year.

On March 24th, 2003, Melinda finished a 12-hour shift at the nursing home around 7:00 am. Troy was at work, their two sons were at their babysitter’s home, and Troy’s son was at a dental appointment. After stopping at a convenience store, Melinda drove home to their house in Atmore, Alabama.

Melinda then called her mother and Troy around 8:00 am to let them know she was home safe. She and Troy agreed he would pick up the children from their babysitter so she could get some much-needed rest. That phone call would be the final time he heard from Melinda.

After picking up the kids and arriving home around 4:00 pm, Troy was stunned when one of their kids, who had gone inside the house to say hello to Melinda, said there was blood in the house and that she was missing.

Troy allegedly went into the house and saw blood and signs that a violent struggle had taken place, but no sign of Melinda.

sashapritchard – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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