She’s Sharing A Killer Rhianna Strut Workout Playlist To Keep You Motivated And Entertained, Even As You Move Your “Hot Girl Walks” To The Treadmill This Winter

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As the weather gets colder and sidewalks get icier, many of us start moving our ‘hot girl walks’ inside and relying on treadmills. 

However, many of us are aware that walking or jogging on a treadmill can get really boring really fast. Feeling motivated to get in your cardio can be hard if you dread another boring treadmill session. 

Have no fear; Rhianna is here.

Allie Bennett (@benntheredonethat), a TikTok lifestyle and fitness content creator, has been notorious on the app for her amazing ‘treadmill strut’ videos, where she curates playlists people can listen to to spice up their treadmill workouts.

As you may have read in our previous article on Allie’s treadmill struts, she makes playlists for various themes and artists, coordinating with a 30-minute or hour-long treadmill workout. 

Allie’s treadmill strut playlists are great because she cleverly crafts them so you can walk to the beat of the music at your desired pace, and the songs speed up and slow down as the workout progresses. 

Recently, Allie released her hour-long “Rhianna Treadmill Strut” playlist, and it’s got a lot of TikTok viewers excited for their next indoor workout. 

Allie breaks down how her treadmill strut workouts work when paired with her Rhianna playlist in the text of her video.

“Warm up and find your comfy starting speed to the first song, then add 0.1 [miles per hour] each time the song changes,” explains Allie.

Leika production – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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