She’s Sick Of Her Housemate Occupying The Whole Living Room While Working From Home But Isn’t Sure How To Approach Her Housemate Since They Tend To Get Super Defensive

Whenever she has the chance to watch TV, her roommate continues working in the living room while she’s trying to relax.

Her roommate constantly makes her turn the volume down or even pause or turn off the TV completely when she has work meetings.

In addition, her roommate also doesn’t want her playing music or talking too loudly with their other roommate.

“I just feel like I’m living in her workspace. I quite literally curtailed my life so that I’m not doing a 9-5, and she chooses to do a 9-5 and makes everyone else adhere to what she can and can’t work with in the LIVING ROOM,” she explained.

She joked that the kitchen is so huge that four intoxicated people could easily hula hoop without the hula hoops knocking into one another.

They no longer have a dining room table because one of their previous roommates took the one that they used to have.

Their previous roommate also felt that her current roommate was taking over common spaces too.

She pointed out that the kitchen isn’t used too often because they’re only in the kitchen when they make meals or tea.

“She’s a super defensive, anxious person who views every suggestion as an attack,” she shared.

From her perspective, her roommate moving her desk into the kitchen would make a lot more sense because there is plenty of room, and she would have privacy to work in peace without disturbance.

If she does ask her roommate to do this, she predicts that her roommate will cause an awkward living situation with a ton of hostility, which she’ll have to put up with for who knows how long.

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