Cornstarch Doubles As A Chemical-Free Dry Shampoo Alternative, Helping Soothe Your Scalp While Absorbing Extra Oils And Adding Volume To Your Roots

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Have you ever struggled to find the right dry shampoo? I struggle to find an effective dry shampoo, as I have fine hair and don’t have a lot of hair.

Therefore, my hair tends to look dirtier faster and doesn’t take as well to certain dry shampoos as thicker, fuller hair does.

I’ve gone through so many dry shampoo products, from powders to sprays, and have struggled to find one that not only makes my hair look cleaner but doesn’t weigh it down or change its texture too drastically.

Then, I came across a very interesting piece of beauty world information. Did you know that one of the best ‘alternative’ dry shampoos you can use is likely sitting in your kitchen pantry?

Believe it or not, cornstarch is a great ingredient to use as dry shampoo.

If you didn’t know, cornstarch is a white, fluffy powder derived from corn often used in cooking and baking to thicken certain dishes. Some people may not realize that cornstarch is incredibly effective in absorbing oils.

While I understand cornstarch was not invented as a beauty product or for hair care, it has many great benefits as a dry shampoo alternative, and some people prefer it over dry shampoos sold in stores.

Besides being wonderful at absorbing oils, cornstarch is great as a dry shampoo because it can soothe your scalp. If you get an itchy scalp or any extra irritation, especially when your hair is a bit dirty, cornstarch can help soothe some of that inflammation.

It also adds volume to your hair by lifting your roots. Additionally, it gives you volume while sealing in your hair’s moisture, preventing a ton of frizz and dryness.

speed300 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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