She Was Fired From The Boutique She Loved Working At For Not Talking To Customers Enough

hedgehog94 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve ever been to a small retail store or boutique, you may have noticed that the salespeople are extra friendly and talk to you a lot as you shop around.

That’s partially because they’re expected to interact with their customers to create a friendly environment and increase their chances of making a sale.

One young woman recently went viral on TikTok after explaining that the boutique she loved working at fired her for not interacting with customers enough, even though she loved interacting with them.

Natalie (@natalieuwelling) is a young woman who used to work at a clothing boutique. She worked there for about a month and loved it, as she formed great relationships with her coworkers and looked forward to when customers would come in.

However, in late January, she was called into a meeting with the store’s management team and received some unexpected news.

Natalie’s bosses told her she wasn’t interacting with their customers enough while in the store. They informed her that they had been watching her on their security cameras and didn’t think she was talking to the customers enough.

At first, Natalie thought this was only a critique and was ready to start talking to customers more, even though she already felt she was interacting with them enough.

Then, without warning, her bosses told her they should “part ways.” Natalie was then fired.
Natalie was shocked, as she thought that was the kind of issue her bosses should have brought up earlier as a warning before resorting straight to firing her.

“I loved the job; I loved all the girls that I met,” says a teary-eyed Natalie in her TikTok video.

hedgehog94 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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