The Nationwide Nursing Shortage Isn’t Just Affecting Hospitals But Also Schools, Forcing Teachers And Other Faculty Members To Step In And Fulfill This Crucial Role For Students

On any given day, they can see kids who have anything from fever or the sniffles to asthma or acute appendicitis.

They may even need to regularly monitor special needs students with conditions such as diabetes or seizure disorders.

Not only that, but they also are in charge of keeping track of student vaccinations, providing resources for health care, interacting with parents, and teaching about tough topics like signs of depression and drug exposure.

In addition, school nurses are not being properly compensated for their value. The national average salary for school nurses is about $55,000 per year, but registered nurses can make much more than that working at local hospitals or nursing homes.

School nurses are required to juggle a wide range of responsibilities. All that they do allows students to get the care they need and to stay healthy.

So, schools should give nurses the tools they need to succeed so that every kid can have access to trained health professionals.

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