While She Was Living With Her College Roommates, They Held A Seance And Summoned A Ghost Named Claire That Continued To Spook Them For Months

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During this woman’s freshman year of college, her school assigned her a roommate. Luckily, they got along great and became best friends.

They befriended another woman who lived on their floor, and the three of them were incredibly close all year.

At the end of the spring semester, they planned to rent out a house together for their sophomore year.

The third woman’s stepfather conveniently was a house flipper and recently renovated a home only two blocks from their college campus.

It was a three-bedroom house that would cost them $300 to $400 monthly, a great deal for three 19-year-old college students. Another plus was that the house was beautiful.

“It had a sunroom, a basement with a washer/dryer, two beds on the main floor with a bathroom, and basically an upstairs suite with a huge master and walk-in closet, and private bath,” she said.

The third woman decided to stay in the upstairs suite because it was technically her father’s house, so she should be able to have first choice of which bedroom she wanted.

In addition, her family argued that because she spent so much time on cheerleading and with her sorority, she didn’t have to pay any of the rent.

Unfortunately, she and her best friend eventually moved out of the house because they were frustrated that they were the only ones paying rent.

samiramay – – illustrative purposes only

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