A Customer Ordered $650 Worth Of Takeout, Didn’t Leave A Tip, And Wrote A Bad Review About His Service

Studio Romantic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Bad tippers have always existed, but especially after the pandemic, it seems that they’ve only grown in number.

TikToker Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) is a restaurant server, and he shares stories about his experiences with difficult customers on his page.

This time, he’s talking about a customer who neglected to leave a tip on a $650 takeout order and then wrote a bad review about the service.

So, a woman had placed an order of 58 items at nine in the morning. He called her to let her know that they would need an additional 30 minutes to complete the order and that she could pick it up at 10:00. She simply told him no and hung up the phone before he could say anything.

He tried to call her back, but she didn’t pick up the phone, so he assumed that she must’ve been joking or was just in a bad mood. At 9:30, she marched through the doors of the restaurant and started confronting one of his coworkers.

He approached the woman and told her that he was the one who had called her. Then, he reiterated that her order would not be ready for 30 more minutes.

She retorted that every time she made a large order at other chain restaurants, they never seemed to have an issue.

In an attempt to get her to calm down, he offered her some water and suggested that she take a seat while she waited for her food.

The food was done exactly 30 minutes later. Her bill came out to a total of $650. She paid for it and left the restaurant without leaving a tip.

Studio Romantic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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