A Little Girl Causing Chaos On A Plane Sparked Discussions About Whether Child-Free Flight Seating Should Be An Option Offered By Airlines

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Something that many people who are frequent flyers are passionate about is plane etiquette. More specifically, plane etiquette is for parents who bring their babies or young children on flights.

While it’s very understandable for a baby to cry or a toddler to throw a temper tantrum on a flight here and there, parents are still expected to do whatever they can not to let their kids disrupt fellow passengers who paid just as much money for their plane tickets.

A video posted to Reddit of a child acting unruly on a plane went viral and sparked a conversation about how people can shut those situations down and whether or not child-free flights should be a thing.

Reddit user readysetgorilla posted a video of a little girl on an eight-hour flight that shocked some of the internet community.

The toddler can be seen jumping up and down on her parents’ plane seat tray table while holding onto the back of the seat in front of her, making it shake every time she jumps, disrupting the man in front of her.

The video clip is only a few seconds long, but in the video, it’s apparent that the little girl’s behavior is not going unnoticed by her family, yet no one does anything about it.

The video sparked a debate among Reddit users, who discussed the best way to handle that kind of situation as a bothered passenger.

Many users commented that they’d speak to a flight attendant before directly trying to reason with an unruly child’s parents.

“I’d be continuously pressing the flight attendant button until they remedied the situation,” commented Reddit user horshack_test.

den-belitsky – – illustrative purposes only

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