A Little Girl Causing Chaos On A Plane Sparked Discussions About Whether Child-Free Flight Seating Should Be An Option Offered By Airlines

Others felt that if asking the parents to intervene politely didn’t work first, it would be time to bring in a flight crew member.

“Ask politely once,” commented Reddit user RocanMotor, a self-proclaimed frequent flyer.

“Beyond that, don’t engage [and] call over the flight attendant. They will ask them to stop, and if they refuse, they’ll usually move you to an upgraded seat if available.”

Another solution, highly favored by a few travel enthusiasts, is for airlines to start implementing child-free flights or flights with sectioned seats that don’t allow children passengers.

“They really need to implement child-free sections on planes,” commented Reddit user jchia7.

“I’ve never had a flight that didn’t have a child crying for the majority of the flight. I mean, my partner and [I] made a decision [to not have] children for that exact reason.”

What do you think about this debate? Should there be child-free seating on planes?

You can view the original post on Reddit here.

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