A Massachusetts Police Officer Is Being Called A Hero After He Leaped Into Action And Saved A Choking Baby - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

With all the chaos and disaster going on in the world around us, life can sometimes feel pretty dark and bleak.

However, there are heartwarming, wholesome moments that make the news, casting a hopeful shine through the darkness.

When Massachusetts police officer Robert Jaworski was notified of an emergency situation that involved a choking baby, he leaped into action, saving the child’s life. He is now being celebrated for his act of heroism.

According to a press release from the Winthrop Police Department, Officer Jaworski was the first to arrive on the scene after a 911 call came through about a one-month-old infant choking at a home on Sunset Road.

The 30-year veteran of the Winthrop Police Department had just completed his CPR refresher training a mere 10 minutes beforehand.

He used his training to remove a substance that had gotten stuck in the infant’s throat, allowing the child to breathe properly once again.

The baby, along with a parent, was then transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital for further evaluation.

Daniel Barnes and his wife, Mary Saladna, reported that they had been watching their granddaughter Savannah when she started to choke on her formula. Savannah’s face visibly turned from red to blue.

“My wife was trying to pat her on the back to clear the airway, and thank God the ambulance and the cops showed up,” said Barnes. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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