She Had To Wait On A Rude Customer Who Attended An Important Virtual Business Meeting In The Middle Of A Busy Restaurant And Treated Her Like A Secretary Rather Than A Server

StratfordProductions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always found it fascinating how some people who don’t know how to treat restaurant staff with kindness and respect choose to do important business at restaurants.

After all, what do you think you’ll gain by allowing your clients, potential clients, or colleagues to see you treat your waitress rudely?

One TikTok creator recently reenacted an interaction she had while working as a waitress with a customer who decided to attend a virtual business meeting at a public restaurant.

Taylor Rose (@taykaye) is a TikTok content creator who makes videos about her and others’ experiences working in restaurants.

In a viral video she made this fall, Taylor served a snappy woman who thought the best place to attend her important virtual business meeting would be in a busy restaurant.

In the video, Taylor kindly greeted the customer but was immediately asked to grab water with lemon on the side, more specifically, lemon slices that had been selected with tongs instead of anyone’s hands.

The customer then put on a pair of headphones and had their computer opened on the table.

After bringing the customer her water, Taylor asked her if she had decided what she wanted to eat, and the customer rudely said, “Are you going to be asking me a lot more questions? I have a meeting in five.”

Taylor then kindly offered to let the customer order all their food before their meeting and said she’d bring the check right away in order to limit their interaction during her meeting. Unfortunately, the customer was still rude and told Taylor she didn’t want to be “rushed out.”

StratfordProductions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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