She Mysteriously Disappeared From Her Home In 2020, With Food Still Cooking On The Stove And All Of Her Personal Belongings Left Behind

Facebook - pictured above is Dorothy

In 2020, Dorothy “Dottie” Yates-McCathran lived in Vivian, Louisiana, with her husband, whom she’d been married to for seven years. She also had a 14-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter.

But, on January 21, 2020, the 40-year-old mother of two mysteriously vanished from her own home, and her loved ones have been searching for answers ever since.

“Of course, you know, right at first, we just hoped she would turn around and walk right in the door, and then as the time went on, it didn’t seem like that was going to happen, and also it seemed like nobody knew what happened to her,” said Dorothy’s mother, Martha Mullins.

Just one day before her disappearance, on January 20, Dorothy spoke to her mother on the phone. During this call, Dorothy was reportedly upset about not being able to attend her daughter’s sixth birthday in Shreveport. Apparently, her children had been in her parent’s custody at the time.

However, Dorothy told Martha that she’d still be able to travel from her home in Vivian to Shreveport for her daughter’s birthday party, which was set to take place on January 26.

Yet, the following day, January 21, Dorothy was last seen at her residence on Vivian Airport Road. Then, once her husband arrived home, she was nowhere to be found.

According to Martha, the scene at home looked as though her daughter had been right in the middle of cooking dinner before she vanished.

In fact, there was even okra cooking on the stove. Plus, all of Dorothy’s personal belongings– including her driver’s license, purse, and vehicle– were all left behind. But she was gone.

Still, it wasn’t until Dorothy failed to arrive at her daughter’s birthday party on January 26 that she was officially reported missing on January 27. Afterward, authorities launched an investigation and conducted multiple searches of Dorothy’s five-acre property with the help of K9 units and drones.

Facebook – pictured above is Dorothy

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