She Vanished From Her Home In Arkansas In 2017, Leaving Behind Everything But Her Purse

Faulkner County Sheriff's Office - pictured above is Kelly

In 2017, Kelly Suzan Evans was 54-years-old and living in Enola, Arkansas. Known by her friends and family as an “old soul,” she reportedly enjoyed spending time alone.

However, in October of that year, Kelly strangely disappeared from her own home located on White Oak Road in Faulkner County, and her loved ones have been searching for answers ever since.

It all began on October 14, 2017, when Kelly’s last communication with her family– specifically her daughter– took place over text. But, later that night, the text conversation ended, and Kelly has not been seen or heard from ever since.

A few days later, Kelly’s daughter, Nikki Driscoll, visited her home, and no signs of Kelly were found.

Inside, all of Kelly’s personal belongings had been left behind– including her wallet. The only thing missing was her purse, which was a black and white zebra stripe bag.

Her disappearance didn’t make any sense to her family, either, because while they knew that Kelly liked alone time, they claimed that Kelly would’ve never just left without warning.

Once she was reported missing, authorities initiated grid searches in the region around Kelly’s home. But unfortunately, no evidence was uncovered.

About a week after she vanished, authorities were notified of a possible sighting on Highway 225 East. There, a woman who matched Kelly’s description was reportedly seen walking toward Greenbrier wearing blue jeans and a hat and holding a black and white zebra-stripe purse.

However, by the time investigators arrived on the scene to verify the sighting, the woman was gone.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office – pictured above is Kelly

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