She Got Scammed By A Waitress Who Secretly Gave Herself A $25 Tip - - illustrative purposes only

The best servers know how to keep their cool under pressure and still provide excellent service. The worst servers probably have to be the ones who straight-up steal money from customers and the establishment they work at, all while maintaining a bad attitude.

TikToker Sunny (@sunnyjunnyy) is talking about the latter category of servers. She was scammed by a waitress at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. She had eaten there three times before.

The first two times were with her boyfriend, and her most recent visit to the restaurant was with her friend. Each time she was there, she had gotten the exact same server.

Her first two experiences with her boyfriend had been fine. But, at the end of the meals, the waitress would bring them the bill and launch into a speech about how she did not charge them for any of the alcoholic beverages they had ordered. In exchange for the free drinks, she asked them to give her a larger tip.

As someone who had been working in the restaurant industry for years, Sunny knew that it was super common to comp items on a customer’s bill as a nice gesture. However, she found out later that the waitress had put her own twist on the practice.

So, at first, Sunny didn’t think much of it because she was under the impression that the server was just doing a good deed.

But, the second time Sunny and her boyfriend went to the restaurant, the server gave them an identical speech. She acted very aggressively and like she was entitled to their money. Sunny felt pressured to give her the money, so she forked over a large tip.

Then, one weekend, Sunny and her friend went to the restaurant. To her disbelief, they were assigned the same waitress. While they were dining in, Sunny noticed that the server was extremely rude.

She realized that the waitress only comped the drinks of younger people. She and her friend also thought that the server’s actions were wrong since she was scamming the restaurant out of tons of money. Their bill came out to a total of $60. They split it in half, and each gave her a $15 tip. – – illustrative purposes only

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