She Went From Being A “Ball Girl” For Her Hometown Baseball Team To Founding “Mrs. Fields,” The Iconic Hundred-Million-Dollar Cookie Brand

In 1982, Debbi opened a Mrs. Fields headquarters in Utah and decided to sell the company to an investment firm in the early 1990s, but remained the spokesperson for the brand.

Debbi’s marketing for the brand was a major breakthrough, as she not only had the presence of a warm maternal figure, but she was also an impressive entrepreneur and businesswoman.

In the 90s, Debbi decided to step away from being the cookie company’s CEO and president, choosing to live a more low-key life.

Today, according to her Instagram, @butterisbest, Debbi seems to be living her best life, spending time with her children and grandchildren and baking for fun.

When was the last time you had a Mrs. Fields cookie?

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