She Wants To Scare Away Her Husband’s Work Wife Without Coming Across As Too Rude

Daria - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman has a 34-year-old husband named James, and they are both going to be attending a work retreat for the company where James works.

James started working with some new people a couple of months back, and since then, she has been uneasy about one woman he works with in particular, who is basically his work wife.

This woman, Celine, is actually James’s boss, and even though she is married with children, she’s convinced Celine is after James.

“James lets me read his messages all the time (even keeps a spare phone at home that has access to his messenger), and I just get the vibe that this woman wants him,” she explained.

“And I am rarely wrong when it comes to first impressions. She’s the type to seek attention in their group chats and has tried to borrow my husband’s jacket multiple times (he lent it to her once, and we had a huge fight about it).”

“She has also messaged him privately to borrow money and calls him pet names from time to time both in private and group conversations.”

While she does trust James, the industry he works in is well-known for having rampant cheaters. Additionally, she has some trauma from her childhood that she has not resolved, which has resulted in her being extremely aware of people and their behavior patterns.

So, these two factors definitely play into her uneasiness about Celine and how she interacts with James.

Next weekend, she will be on this work retreat, and she’s going to be meeting Celine for the first time.

Daria – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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