She’s Sharing Her Ultimate Server Hack For Racking Up 25% Tips From Happy Customers

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If you’re a server and trying to make as much money as possible with your restaurant job, you’ve probably seen all sorts of tips and tricks for making your customers happy, so they’ll tip you well.

One TikTok user recently shared a serving hack that’s helped her rack up tips and please customers, specifically customers with kids.

Kerrah (@kerrahraylenejellybean) is a server and TikTok creator who went viral after sharing her “#1 tip” for getting a nice 25% tip from her customers, refusing to gatekeep it any longer.

So, what is Kerrah’s secret to extra wonderful service? Stickers.

“If you have a table with kids, always give them stickers, okay?” says Kerrah.

“I always, always, always give them stickers.”

In her video, Kerrah then whips out a bunch of stickers she got from the dollar store. They’re colorful, fun, and sure to make any kid happy. The sticker method is used so often by Kerrah that she has to make routine dollar store trips to replenish her stash.

Kerrah’s method is to give customers’ kids some stickers when she takes their check payment.

“The parents really appreciate it because you’re obviously engaging and paying attention to their kids,” says Kerrah.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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