These Parents Captured A Sweet Sibling Moment When Their Son Helped Their Young Daughter Sit On A Swing In Their Backyard

helivideo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

When you’re a parent with several children, sometimes there’s no better feeling than seeing your kids not only bond with each other but figure out ways to help each other.

Two parents recently went viral after capturing a heartfelt and wholesome moment between their young son and daughter as they worked together to get the little girl sitting on a swing in their backyard.

Madison Mealy (@madisonmealy) and her husband Blake are the parents of two adorable young children, four-year-old Dane and two-year-old Nora. 

A few weeks ago, Madison posted a video of Dane and Nora that went viral, as so many people were touched by their sibling bond. 

Madison began recording Dane and Nora playing on their backyard swing set and playground.

While Dane was swinging away, little Nora began to struggle to get herself onto one of the regular swings. Sweetly, Dane got off his swing and offered to help Nora.

However, Dane’s kind gesture transitioned into quite the process, as the two kids couldn’t quite figure out the best way to get Nora on the swing.

Dane begins by suggesting Nora hop on the swing while he holds it down for her, but Nora tries doing that by climbing over Dane’s back in her bunny slippers, which doesn’t work.

Then, Dane suggested Nora use his body like a stool and got down on all fours so Nora could step on his back and hop onto the swing.

helivideo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual children

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