They Vanished While Driving To Pick Up Their Children For A Birthday Party, And Investigators Believe Evidence Found Inside Their Abandoned Vehicle Indicates Foul Play

OSBI - pictured above are Veronica and Jilian

The disappearance of two mothers from Hugoton, Kansas, on March 30 has shocked the community and sent authorities on a diligent hunt for answers.

Veronica Butler, who is 27, and 39-year-old Jillian Kelley were traveling together to Oklahoma in order to pick up Veronica’s children. Afterward, they planned to attend a birthday party located in Kansas that same day.

However, according to Tom Singer – who is the pastor of the church that Veronica attended – neither of the women ever showed up.

After authorities with the Texas County Sheriff’s Office became involved, Veronica and Jillian’s vehicle was discovered abandoned “near Highway 95 and Road L, south of Elkhart, Kansas, in rural Texas County.” The investigation has since been turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).

According to Hunter McKee, a spokesperson for the OSBI, investigators also found evidence inside the vehicle suggesting foul play was involved in the women’s disappearance.

However, authorities have not disclosed what evidence was found in the car since this is an ongoing investigation.

“Based on the information obtained from the victim’s vehicle, our investigators believe there was evidence to indicate foul play. We are still searching for these victims, and there are no arrests at this time,” the OSBI reported in a statement.

McKee also said that there are no children missing. Still, the search for Veronica and Jillian has been harrowing. He said that it is “becoming more and more challenging” to locate both women alive as time goes on with no signs of their whereabouts.

“It’s a lot of land. Middle of nowhere, so searches are still continuing. We are still working on talking with multiple people, and hopefully, we can find something soon,” McKee stated.

OSBI – pictured above are Veronica and Jilian

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