Three Underwater Archaeology Experts Recently Discovered An Ancient Military Helmet During A Dive In The Mediterranean Sea, And The Find May Lead Researchers To A Previously Unknown Shipwreck

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Three divers, who were experts in underwater archaeology, discovered an ancient military helmet in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy, and it could lead researchers to a shipwreck that had never been found before.

When the divers spotted the helmet, they had been in the waters off the coast of an island in eastern Sicily called Vendicari Nature Reserve.

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, serving as the Superintendency of the Sea for the region.

The trio of divers included Matteo Azzaro, an underwater cultural heritage expert, and two researchers from the University of Naples, Enzo Morra and Leopoldo Repola.

The helmet was lying 16 feet below the water. It is thought to date back between the late 15th and 17th centuries and appeared to be in the style of the “cabasset” or “capacete,” which was commonly worn by infantry during that time period.

The helmet was found almost completely intact. However, it was covered with concretions, which are hard, round, compact masses of mineral matter.

They often form on artifacts that are uncovered in marine environments. The discovery may be linked to the presence of a previously unknown shipwreck, but further investigations are needed in order to confirm the theory.

“Soon, the Soprintendenza del Mare will carry out a series of underwater reconnaissances in the area of the discovery, trying to clarify whether it is an isolated discovery or whether it is possibly related to the presence of a wreck from the late medieval or [early] modern era,” Salvatore Emma, a superintendency spokesperson, said.

Emma added that underwater metal detectors will be used to locate any metal remains buried beneath the sediment.

EleSi – – illustrative purposes only

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