Europe’s Oldest Elm Was Estimated To Be Close To 800-Years-Old When It Fell Down, But A Sapling Was Recovered And Planted In The Same Spot

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I always feel very sad when I see that an old, beautiful tree fell down or was cut down for some reason.

Trees are some of the most magnificent and beautiful plants, and our planet certainly would not function properly without them. 

Last year, people in Scotland were heartbroken when Europe’s oldest elm tree, which sat in the village of Beauly, fell down.

In Beauly, a village in Scotland’s Highland area, visitors can go see the Beauly Priory, a stunning priory from the 1200s.

What once stood at the entrance of the priory was the ‘Beauty Elm,’ which was believed to be the oldest elm tree in Europe.

The tree was estimated to be almost 800-years-old and was adored by many nature and history lovers.

It lived through many major events in history, and people were fascinated by that. Historical documents dating back to medieval times reference the gothic-looking tree.

There were celebrations of life planned for the tree in the village, and it was laser scanned by the Historic Environment Scotland to study and document it.

Sadly, some experts saw the demise of Beauty Elm coming as, in 2021, it was ‘diagnosed’ with Dutch elm disease. 

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