Here’s How You Can Grow A Cocktail Garden Filled With Herbs To Enjoy At Happy Hour

Caterina Trimarchi - - illustrative purposes only

Picture hosting a sunny afternoon get-together with all of your friends, who can’t stop marveling over the drinks you’ve served – each beautifully garnished with herbs and fruits from your very own garden.

No, this isn’t some fantasy only lived out by Hampton’s moms during the summer months. Rather, creating a “cocktail garden” is completely achievable for anyone, allowing you to elevate your bartending game to a whole new level of flair and flavor.

So, no matter how much space you have – from a sprawling backyard to a modest balcony – curating a thoughtful cocktail garden can help add a personal touch to every sip.

What Is A Cocktail Garden?

A cocktail garden is a dedicated space, either in-ground or in containers, where you grow a variety of herbs, edible flowers, and fruits specifically chosen to enhance and garnish cocktails.

Unlike a typical vegetable garden, a cocktail garden focuses on aroma, flavor, and aesthetic appeal – traits that make each ingredient ideal for mixology.

From aromatic herbs that can be muddled or infused into drinks to vibrant fruits and flowers that add color and flavor, a cocktail garden is both a functional and beautiful addition to your home, offering fresh ingredients just steps from your door.

Planning Your Cocktail Garden

Before you even think about planting, you must consider your space and climate.

Caterina Trimarchi – – illustrative purposes only

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