She Disappeared Along With Her Dog In 2012, And Cleaning Supplies, Rubber Gloves, And Blood-Stained Clothing Were Later Found In Her Apartment

Facebook - pictured above is Kathleen

In 2012, 37-year-old Kathleen Haley lived alone in Newport News, Virginia. She had an apartment on the 2800 block of West Avenue, located in the downtown area, and worked as a dancer at a local club known as Headlights.

Kathleen was also in a relationship. However, her boyfriend actually moved to Germany just one month before she vanished on September 1, 2012.

That day, Kathleen reportedly spoke to her sister and planned to stop by her sister’s home for dinner. Additionally, she talked about how she had other plans later that evening – although its unknown what they were.

Regardless, Kathleen never arrived at her sister’s home for dinner. Rather, both she and her 1-year-old dog named Molly have been missing ever since.

Kathleen’s loved ones ultimately contacted the Newport News Police Department on September 7, 2012, to report her missing. Then, once an investigation was launched and authorities visited her apartment, they quickly found evidence indicating foul play was involved in her disappearance.

First, investigators discovered multiple pairs of rubber gloves and cleaning supplies in her bathroom. There was also blood on Kathleen’s bedroom wall and blood-stained clothing in her laundry basket.

So, authorities reportedly collected 17 different swabs of “suspected blood” from throughout her apartment, including the residence’s walls, kitchen, and bedroom.

Additionally, Kathleen’s bed and computer were missing – although her mattress and box spring were subsequently found near a dumpster outside.

Her car was found in the parking lot of her apartment complex as well. The vehicle was unlocked, and the driver seat was pushed all the way back – even though Kathleen was only four foot eleven. So, a taller individual may have driven the car last.

Facebook – pictured above is Kathleen

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