She Vanished After Leaving Work In 1994, And Her Car Was Later Found Parked At A Bus Station, But Someone Taller Than Her Had Clearly Driven It Last

Facebook - pictured above is Tamara

In 1994, Tamara Bradley of Blaine, Minnesota, was 30-years-old and had a 5-year-old son. She also worked for Federal Foam Technologies, a leading foam manufacturer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

However, that year, her company was in the process of relocating to Wisconsin. So, Tamara hoped to move out of her Blaine home and find a house closer to her new office.

Yet, after Tamara left her office – located in the 3500 block of 2nd Street North in Minneapolis – on September 30, 1994, at 3:30 p.m., she mysteriously disappeared.

She was last seen traveling north on Washington Avenue toward East River Road, which was Tamara’s typical commute home. But she never arrived at her residence and has been missing ever since.

At the time, Tamara’s son had been visiting his biological father – her ex-husband – for the weekend. So, it wasn’t until Tamara failed to pick up her son on October 2, 1994, that her mother contacted the Blaine Police Department and reported her missing.

“That’s when we knew something was wrong,” Tamara’s sister, Wendy Edwards, said.

According to one of Tamara’s coworkers, the 30-year-old had actually been in a good mood during her shift and described her plans to search for a new home in Stillwater, Minnesota, that weekend.

Her loved ones also describe Tamara as a dedicated mother who would have never just left her son behind.

“Her son was everything to her. Everything. She would never just leave. Someone did something to her,” Wendy explained.

Facebook – pictured above is Tamara

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