The Rent On Her Studio Apartment In Boston Went Up To Over $3,400 Per Month, And This “Ridiculous” Increase Has Sent Her Into A Serious Spiral

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People who have been living in big cities for a few years know how painful it is to find the apartment of your dreams or one you really like and then get a lease renewal letter every year that states your rent will go up a ridiculous amount.

It’s a rough feeling, as there aren’t as many rent-stabilized apartments in major cities as we’d hope there’d be, and you may have to leave your ideal place because it gets too expensive.

One young woman recently went viral on TikTok after sharing that she didn’t know what to do when the rent on her studio apartment went up to a ridiculous amount.

Kaitlin Murray (@kaitmurray_) is a lifestyle content creator and a young woman trying to figure out her next steps regarding her career and future. 

Kaitlin’s been living in a 450-square-foot studio apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. In her viral video, Kaitlin acknowledges that she lives in a super nice neighborhood and a luxury building, so her rent was always quite high for a small studio apartment.

However, she made it her own and took a lot of pride in decorating it and making the space comfortable and functional.

However, when she got her most recent lease renewal letter from her building’s leasing office, she realized she couldn’t stay.

“My leasing office chose violence,” says Kaitlin in her video.

“I moved in in 2021, and it was $2,600 [a month]. [It’s] ridiculous to pay that amount of money for this tiny little studio apartment.”

mandritoiu – – illustrative purposes only

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