She Disappeared In 2021 After Going Boating With Her Boyfriend And Reportedly Exiting The Boat To Walk Out Of The River Bottom, Leaving Behind Footprints, A Single Boot, And A Coat

Facebook - pictured above is Jessica

Jessica Stacks was born in Houlka, Mississippi, and went on to attend Itawamba Community College. Then, while married to her ex-husband, Jacob, the pair had three children together.

However, she and Jacob ultimately divorced, and in 2021, Jessica was 28 years old and living in New Albany, Mississippi. She also had a 45-year-old boyfriend named Jerry.

But, after a supposed boating trip gone wrong, Jessica tragically disappeared on January 1, 2021 – New Year’s Day.

That day, she and her boyfriend reportedly first visited a convenience store known as Poolville Quick Stop, located in New Albany, at about 6:00 a.m.

Then, after leaving the store, the pair headed to the Tallahatchie River and launched a small boat – which they reportedly borrowed from a friend. The boat did not have a motor or oars and was launched close to the County Road 46 bridge.

Later that same morning, around 10:00 a.m., the boat hadn’t floated far down the river. Yet, it reportedly began to take on water, and Jessica and Jerry pulled up to a sandbar to empty some of it.

Jessica reportedly asked her boyfriend Jerry to get out of the boat – saying she wanted to walk out of the bottom of the river toward State Highway 30.

Once Jessica exited the boat, Jerry reportedly continued traveling down the river alone – eventually landing on the left bank. Afterward, he supposedly called his son and asked for a ride.

It wasn’t until late that same night, at 10:15 p.m., that Jerry contacted the Union County Sheriff’s Office and reported Jessica missing after she did not return home.

Facebook – pictured above is Jessica

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