She Thought She Had A Fake Renaissance Painting Hanging Up In Her Kitchen, But It Turns Out It’s Real, And Worth As Much As $6.6 Million Dollars

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Hanging above the stove in a French woman’s house was an old painting she believed to be a knock-off.

However, the artwork turned out to be a genuine Renaissance masterpiece that was over 700 years old and worth millions of dollars.

The value of the painting was discovered when a woman in Compiègne, France, decided to sell her house and some of her possessions.

She reached out to Actéon, an auction house from the town of Senlis, to get the items appraised. That’s when auctioneer Philomène Wolf encountered the centuries-old painting.

“You rarely see something of such quality,” Wolf said. “I immediately thought it was a work of Italian primitivism. But I didn’t imagine it was a Cimabue.”

It is believed to be an original, unsigned painting titled Mocking of Christ by Renaissance artist Cenni di Pepo, also known as Cimabue.

The painting makes up one panel of a three-part work. Initially, Wolf estimated the painting’s value to be up to $440,000.

But, after taking the painting to Eric Turquin, a well-known appraiser in Paris, its worth has shot up 15 times higher than the original estimate.

Turquin thinks the piece could sell for between $4.4 million and $6.6 million. According to the appraiser, the painting has evidence of wormholes, which are indicative of its authenticity.

benevolente – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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