She Wants To Divorce Her Husband After He Chose Going To His Friend’s House To Play Video Games Over Coming Home To Care For Their Kids While She Was Sick

brizmaker - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most parents are familiar with the phrase “parents don’t get a day off,” but when a parent is sick, they sure could use some extra help.

One woman is extremely upset after her husband decided to hang out with his friends after work when she hoped he would come home to take care of their kids while she was sick.

She and her husband are 35 and have two young kids, ages three and six. She’s had a rough few days, as she works a job that requires physical labor and has been sick.

She’s had a fever, body aches, and a stiff neck but had to go to work at the start of the week because her job would be at risk if she missed it.

“My husband goes to his friend’s house every Tuesday night to play video games while I have a night with the kids,” she explained.

“But [this Tuesday] I was exhausted from the day and in major pain with a fever. I texted my husband right before he left work and told him I was still in pain and sent a picture of the thermometer with a 101.9 on it. I asked him to please come home to [for] the kids’ bath, dinner, [and] bedtime. But then I said I don’t want to be a burden. In the past, he has been huffy if I ask him to stay home for whatever reason.”

Her husband sent back, “Lol, okay,” which made her feel bad, as he didn’t offer to help her out right away.

While she didn’t want to make him angry, she really felt like she could use the help with the kids, so she took back her “burden” comment by telling her husband that he’d be her “knight in shining armor” if he skipped his video game night and went right home after work.

“I didn’t hear from him for an hour [and] I figured he’d gone to the gym, so I asked if he was still at the gym, and over 30 minutes later, he replied that he [was] at his friend’s house,” she recalled.

brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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