Everything You Need To Know About Lucy Letby, The Nurse Who Murdered 11 Babies At The Hospital Where She Worked

Looking at photos of 29-year-old Lucy Letby, you would think she’s your average, happy young woman. She smiles and laughs in all her social media photos. She goes out with her friends. She likes to have a good time.

Lucy worked hard studying as a nurse and graduated with her degree in 2011 from Chester University. After she graduated, she worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to get more training under her belt. 

Being a nurse was Lucy’s dream job. Her colleagues said that she was a complete professional and worked hard. She has a squeaky clean record with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and she even was their poster child for a campaign that raised nearly $3.5 million dollars for them. 

Facebook; pictured above 28-year-old nurse Lucy smiles for a photo while at a sporting event with friends

Lucy said about the council in a statement, “I enjoy seeing them progress and supporting their families.”

One of Lucy’s friends said that Lucy was kind and wouldn’t even hurt a fly. She seemed like the perfect fit for working as a neonatal nurse.

Facebook; Lucy is pictured above holding an infant in the hospital where she worked

And then, between June of 2015 and June of 2016, seventeen babies died at Countess of Chester Hospital. Located in Chester, England, this was the very hospital Lucy was working at when the deaths occurred.

One of her neighbors told DailyMail, “I knew her when she was a little girl and she was as sweet as anything. I’ve seen her grow up and she seemed a lovely woman.”

“So this is news is deeply and utterly shocking. I can’t fathom it.”

“When you hear of these sort of things, you always get one or two people saying ‘I thought there was something fishy about them.”

“But with Lucy all you will hear is positive things.”

Facebook; in the above photo, Lucy is pictured out with her friends sipping a drink

Lucy’s friends and family say that she was very involved in charitable causes and that she was just a sweet, geeky young woman.

One friend called her just an amazing person.

Lucy was even the face of the $2.6 million dollar appeal for the hospital to build a brand new pediatric unit back in 2013.

Facebook; pictured above is Lucy’s graduation photo that her parents proudly published in a local paper to announce her graduation from nursing school

So, how does someone who seems like such a do-gooder who cares about children end up being accused of murder?

Lucy is not just facing charges for murdering just one child….she’s currently facing charges for murdering eight that were in her care.

Back in 2016, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health released three different reports saying that staffing in the pediatric unit of Countess of Chester Hospital was far from adequate.

Facebook; Lucy smiles big and snaps a selfie with a friend in the photo above

They couldn’t figure out why babies entrusted to the nurses and doctors there died in disgusting numbers from June 2015 to June 2016. 

Facebook; Lucy poses in the above photo in front of a piano while holding a drink in her hands

They did, however, come up with 24 different ways they recommended the hospital could improve the care of babies there.

Poor decision making by the staff, lack of senior doctors, and the reluctance of staff to get advice from their colleagues were some of the concerns the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health cited in their reports.

The death rate of babies at this hospital was over 10% the average expected death rate for maternity wards.

Just two babies died at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2013. In 2014, that number was three babies. In 2015, eight babies died. Then in 2016, five babies died by June, which was only halfway through that year.

Facebook; Lucy smiles while wearing a blue sweater in the above photo, and it’s hard to imagine someone beloved by her friends, family, and coworkers was actually capable of what she did

The increase in deaths of babies in this hospital’s care forced them to stop caring for any baby younger than 32 weeks old and transferred all babies under this age out of their care. They also had three intensive care cots that they closed because of the rapidly increasing death rate.

Premature babies were collapsing with lung and heart failure. They were proving impossible to resuscitate, which was beyond bizarre. 

Facebook; pictured above is a closeup photo of Lucy enjoying a night out with her friends

The babies that had died were then showing weird blotches all over their legs and arms after their deaths. Since none of the experts could figure out what on earth was going on, police were called in to investigate the hospital in 2017, in hopes of being able to get to the bottom of everything.

Lucy did an interview with one of her local newspapers around this time, posing for a photo in her ward while she held up a little baby outfit. She later proudly posted the photo on her social media.

She told the paper in her interview, “I qualified as a Children’s Nurse from The University of Chester in 2011 and have been working on the unit since graduating.”

“I also worked on the unit as a student nurse during my three years of training. My role involves caring for a wide range of babies requiring various levels of support.”

“Some are here for a few days, others for many months and I enjoy seeing them progress and supporting their families.”

“I am currently undergoing extra training in order to develop and enhance my knowledge and skills within the Intensive Care area and have recently completed a placement at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.”

Facebook; pictured above Lucy poses in her ward with a little baby outfit as she answers questions about her job 

“I hope the new unit will provide a greater degree of privacy and space,” she added about the brand new neonatal unit that was opening.

This was the unit that cost over $2 million dollars that she had been the face for.

Facebook; Lucy smiles and poses alongside a Christmas tree in the festive photo pictured above

It’s absolutely unclear how police were able to pinpoint Lucy as a suspect in the deaths, but shortly before she was arrested, the hospital placed her on suspension. 

The hospital then brought her off suspension and moved her into an administrative type position where she wasn’t interacting with patients.

Very weird, right? 

Facebook; Lucy laughs and poses in front of a car in the photo above

If the hospital suspected Lucy of being involved (I mean, placing her on suspension, then changing her role doesn’t point to them being confident she was innocent), why didn’t they do anything immediately?

Why didn’t they keep her suspended?

Facebook; Lucy is pictured above enjoying a night out and showing off her goofier side

There are still so many unanswered questions, but Lucy was first arrested in 2018 (yes, the first time…she was recently arrested again).

This means it took police a year into their investigation to figure out it was Lucy.

Detective Inspector Paul Hughes, who led the investigation, said in a statement:

“We recognize that this investigation has a huge impact on all of the families, staff, and patients at the hospital, as well as members of the public.

“Parents of all the babies are continuing to be kept fully updated and are being supported throughout the process by specially trained officers.

Facebook; pictured above Lucy makes a crazy face for the camera

“This is an extremely difficult time for all the families and it is important to remember that, at the heart of this, there are a number of bereaved families seeking answers as to what happened to their children.”

Sources say that Lucy went on vacation with her parents and that the infants that were coming up sick significantly went down while she was away, which is how police originally suspected her.

On Facebook, Lucy belonged to 14 different groups dedicated to helping sick children.

Facebook; Lucy makes a silly face alongside friends in the photo above

When Lucy was first arrested, police searched the entire home that she purchased for a little over $200,000. They even dug up her gardens trying to find any sign of infant remains.

So far, no infant remains have been discovered in Lucy’s home or on her property.

Police then interrogated Lucy for two whole days. They suspected Lucy murdered eight babies and attempted to murder six more that she had cared for.

She was later released on bail in July of 2018, but then she was arrested for a second time…

Lucy was arrested again for a second time in June of 2019, nearly a year since she was released on bail. Police are now saying they have good reason to arrest her again.

Facebook; Lucy is pictured above on a pole

They think Lucy has killed three more babies, which brings her suspected murder up to 11 babies of the 17 that died. 

Facebook; Lucy is pictured above drinking out of a pitcher in a restaurant

Police also suspect Lucy of attempting to murder at least six additional infants, which is truly horrifying.

They had enough evidence to arrest her again, although they are not sharing exactly what they have against Lucy.

I think I speak for us all in saying how does this happen? How does a dedicated nurse who loves children do what she did?

Why did Lucy murder these babies and how did she fool people all along?

Facebook; Lucy laughs in the backseat of a car in the photo above

My heart breaks for the families of the 17 babies who died at the hospital while Lucy was employed there. Is she truly responsible for perhaps all 17 of their deaths?

Facebook; Lucy smiles while out on the town with her friends for the night

Rachael DelTondo Updates: Latest News Surrounding Her Murder & One Of Her Romantic Interests Is Found Unconscious

Once the trail on a murder case goes cold, it becomes increasingly impossible to catch the killer. Now that Rachael DelTondo’s murder has gone over a year without being solved, it’s looking like her killer will perhaps never be brought to justice. After getting ice cream with her best friend on May 13th, 2018, Rachael was shot and killed in her own driveway that Sunday evening.

David Lozier, the Beaver County District Attorney, insists that Rachael will not just be another statistic. He says he is very happy with where the investigation into her death is going, and he’s confident Rachael’s killer will pay for what they did.

Here are all the recent updates in Rachael DelTondo’s murder investigation and everything you need to know, below. There are definitely more shocking details being brought to light that we didn’t know about before.

Facebook; pictured above Rachael DelTondo smiles brilliantly while wearing a white dress

We’re going to quickly recap what happened, first. Rachael DelTondo was suspended from her job as an elementary school teacher following an incident with an underage student who attended another local school.

The student was just 17-years-old at the time, and his name was Sheldon Jeter Jr. Rachael knew him very well because she used to date his older brother, Rashawn Bolton. Not only did Rachael date Rashawn, but she was also out getting ice cream with him the night she was murdered.

Police found the two of them parked in Rachael’s car late one night in a wooded area with the windows steamed up. Rachael and Sheldon both told police that they were just talking that night, but their late night chat led to Rachael’s suspension from her job and the end of her engagement, even though no charges were ever filed against Rachael.

Twitter; pictured above is a news clip covering Rachael’s murder case

“48 Hours”, which is by far one of the best true-crime shows on TV, aired an investigation recently into Rachael’s murder on Saturday, May 18th, at 10 p.m.

Just hours after Rachael’s investigation called “What Happened to Rachael?” aired on TV, someone connected to her was found unconscious on the side of the road.

This someone was none other than Sheldon Jeter Jr. Yes, the same Sheldon she was found talking to in her parked car before she was murdered.

Sheldon is now 21-years-old, and he was apparently partying hard in Pittsburgh that night. At 4 in the morning on Sunday, May 19th, a 911 call was placed saying there was an unconscious man just lying on the side of the road.

The caller mentioned they had seen a blue colored truck at the scene speeding away. When firefighters got to the side of Orchard Street, they found Sheldon.

First responders rushed to the scene after someone called 911 about a man lying unconscious on the side of the road

Sheldon appeared to be suffering from an overdose, so first responders gave him Narcan and were able to revive him. Michael Santicola, who is Sheldon’s attorney, said on Monday that Sheldon was not overdosing when he was found. He also says Sheldon has no history of using drugs at all.

Sheldon just had too much to drink that night and blacked out on the side of the road, his attorney says. Sheldon remembers nothing. He doesn’t remember blacking out, he doesn’t remember being revived, he doesn’t remember the first responders.

After he was revived, he flipped off the first responders and just walked off towards home. Some display of gratitude.

After firefighters were able to revive Sheldon, he flipped them all off and went home

Even though Mr. Santicola insists Sheldon was just drunk, the curious thing about Narcan is that it won’t revive you if you’re suffering from alcohol poisoning or an overdose of that kind of cocktail…..

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Narcan is only successful in reviving patients who have overdosed on opioids. 

If that isn’t curious enough for you, it turns out that Rachael and Sheldon were romantically involved. Mr. Santicola even admits that Sheldon and Rachael were romantically involved for quite some time, but he maintains that Sheldon is innocent and had nothing to do with her death at all.

Facebook; pictured above Rachael poses for the camera in an off-the-shoulder cream colored sweater

“He’s a good kid Sheldon was put in a difficult situation over the holidays drawn into this thing that probably should have been nipped in the bud in 2016,” Mr. Santicola said to Channel 11 about what happened between them.

Facebook; pictured above is Sheldon’s older brother, Rashawn, whom Rachael used to be romantically involved with as well at one point, sources say

“On occasion they were romantic,” Mr. Santicola mentioned about the two. “But they were not exclusive or anything.”

Rachael and Sheldon texted and called one another quite frequently. Mr. Santicola also revealed that Rachael told Sheldon that she was trying to expose the police corruption going on in their town and with her investigation.

“We find it far from a coincidence that she was murdered within days of having to testify,” Mr. Santicola added. Rachael was supposed to testify before her death about the corruption of the police department. She had retained an attorney.

Rachael also told Sheldon she was getting death threats, although she didn’t really go into too much detail on that. 

Rachael had hired an attorney and was supposed to testify in court about police corruption in her town before she was murdered

Mr. Santicola said to CBS news, “I think it’s fair to say that he (Sheldon) is a suspect.”

“But there is a cast of characters that all could be considered suspects … I would say her fiancé is a possible suspect.”

Facebook; Rachael wears a black dress and a smile in the above photo

So, let’s take a look at Rachael’s ex-fiancé and what happened there. Rachael was engaged to Frank Catroppa. Frank was quite a successful businessman, even being dubbed the Wolf of Aliquippa at one point.

Frank and Rachael dated for 8 years, but it was on again, off again before their engagement ended. When the police found Rachael and Sheldon together in her car at 2 a.m., she begged them not to tell her fiancé Frank.

Even though the police didn’t tell Frank that evening, he found out eventually. Rachael told him different details about that night, though. She said she and Sheldon met up at 10 p.m. and that they were in a well-lit local parking lot, instead off in the woods in a secluded spot.

Frank says that he was very much in love with Rachael at one point in their relationship. Before this all happened. He remembers her as kind and beautiful. 

After 5 years together, Frank proposed to Rachael in Paris. At that point, she had really been pushing for a ring and had given Frank several different deadlines to propose by.

He proposed to her with an enormous six-carat oval-shaped diamond ring. It was the stuff dreams were made of. Rachael was overjoyed, but her mom wasn’t sure if it was because Frank finally asked the question or if it was because of how big her new rock was.

Pictured above Rachael and Frank share a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower after Frank proposed in Paris

Rachael immediately starting planning their wedding. She bought elaborate shoes worth $3,000. She picked out a $10,000 wedding dress. Rachael’s mom says Frank was trying to control all of the wedding planning, but he says Rachael’s family was getting far too controlling and involved.

This next part was the first thing that truly ended up ruining the relationship between the two, before Sheldon had come along…

Rachael and Frank never made it to the altar, and even called off their engagement, mainly for one BIG reason

Frank asked Rachael to sign a prenup. He was a young and wealthy man. It made sense for him to ask her to do this. Rachael initially agreed. She didn’t want Frank to think at all that she just wanted to be with him for his money.

Ultimately, Rachael ended up refusing to sign a prenup though. Frank says he is positive her mom Lisa was the one who got in her head because she was so willing to do that in the beginning. Rachael’s mom admits that she did not want her to sign it at all.

After Rachael said she would not sign a prenup, that’s when everything fell apart. 

Rachael agreed to sign a prenup when Frank first asked her to, but then refused and that’s when their engagement was called off

Frank says all of the wedding plans stopped. They weren’t really engaged anymore. It’s not clear what happened to that gorgeous engagement ring, but Frank says Rachael still hung out with him. Rachaael’s family was very upset, so she started lying to everyone about still being around Frank.

He says that’s when it all became pretty common for her to lie. Frank started pulling away, and who could really blame him? Their wedding was off…they were no longer engaged….he said their relationship wasn’t the same anymore and it couldn’t go back to what it was.

Frank threw his annual birthday party at a local downtown bar, and Rachael showed up for it

10 months after Frank and Rachael’s engagement was officially called off, Rachael showed up to Frank’s birthday party that he throws for himself every year in an Aliquippa bar located downtown. Rachael’s friend Jen was also at the party with her boyfriend, and she told CBS that she remembers Rachael looked really off.

Her boyfriend noticed that she didn’t look right either, and they thought Rachael was using drugs. Jen confronted her, saying she was worried. Rachael exploded and hit her in the face at the party. Frank noticed the commotion and came over to see what on earth was going on.

Jen admits that in retaliation, she blurted out to Frank that he needed to ask Rachael what she was really doing in the car that night with Sheldon, so many months ago at this point.

Rachael still insisted she was innocent and just trying to help a kid who needed her help. Frank still believed her.

A few months after his birthday party incident, Frank felt he needed answers.

Feeling he finally needed to know the truth about the night Sheldon and Rachael spent in her car, Frank headed down to the local police department to get answers

He went down to the Aliquippa Police Department and inquired as to whether there was an incident report from that night. Turns out, there was.

The Assistant Police Chief spoke with Frank, and he told CBS that Frank wanted to know the truth because Rachael was trying to get back together with him and he didn’t want to look like an idiot.

When Frank got his hands on the incident report, it turns out Rachael really had not told him the truth or all of the details about that night. In fact, she had told him a very different story. A few days after Frank saw the report, someone anonymously leaked it to Rachael’s school, to the media, and to even the mayor of the town. 

Facebook; Rachael smiles for the camera in the above photo while she holds a drink in her hand

To this day, police still have no idea who leaked it. Rachael’s mom insists Frank leaked it, but he maintains he never did. He did, however, show the report to a few friends asking if they knew anything about the incident first hand.

“We wanted to be very, very clear publicly that Frank Catroppa has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what happened,” Stephen Colafella, Frank’s lawyer, has said about the case. “And it’s important to him, and it’s important to his family that the public knows that.”

The very next day after the report came out, Rachael was suspended from her teaching job. Rachael’s mom says she was a complete wreck after this happened. She couldn’t eat anything. She couldn’t sleep. She went to go see a doctor she was feeling so upset.

Rachael even spent three days in a psychiatric ward, her mom told CBS.

Rachael’s mom completely believes that nothing happened between Rachael and Sheldon. It makes sense that Rachael would not have wanted to tell her mom that she was seeing someone underage. 

Facebook; Rachael smiles big in the above photo

Now, Rachael stopped hanging out with a lot of her friends, as you can imagine, after this all blew up. Rachael confined her social circle to Sheldon’s older brother Rashawn, and a former student of hers, 17-year-old Lauren Watkins.

Rachael was seeing a therapist to help her through everything after the incident report went public

Rachael’s mom admits her therapist told her not to be friends with Lauren. Lisa also says that she was very concerned about their difference in age. Lauren was 17. Rachael was in her 30s.

The night Rachael was murdered, she had gone out for ice cream with Lauren and Rashawn. Lauren was driving. She dropped Rachael off in her driveway that night, and just 4 minutes after she drove off, Rachael was shot and killed at the very end of her driveway.

Authorities are saying that Rachael’s killer either knew she went out and waited nearby her home for her to return, or her killer followed her around that night as she went out and came home.

Just one month after Rachael was brutally murdered, there were three different police chiefs to go through the Aliquippa Police Department. As of right now, it seems Rachael was right that the department was corrupt, as a grand jury is currently hearing evidence in the case.

Facebook; Rachael is pictured posing for the camera in the photo above

If you have any information on the murder of Rachael DelTondo, please contact the Beaver County Detective Bureau. Their phone number is 724-773-8569.

The night she died, Rachael had gone out for ice cream with her two friends

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