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    7 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Actually a Feminist

    Toupee model Donald Trump has lots of things to say these days, and boy is he getting lots of heat for them. But, as far as women (excuse me, ‘the women’) go, we happen to think the network television personality is a criminally misunderstood champion of feminism. Since no one else seems to have Trump’s […]

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    Here’s the Cheapest Way to Rent a 64 GB iPhone 6S for One Year

    UPDATE 09/23/15: Pricing for Apple, T-Mobile, and Sprint were given for the 16 GB iPhone 6S, and have been updated to reflect the 64 GB model. The final comparison between all five plans remains the same, with AT&T and Verizon becoming marginally more competitive. When Apple announced their iPhone Upgrade Program alongside the 6S and […]

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    12 Must-Have Star Wars Swag From Force Friday

    A merch storm the likes of which we have never seen started last Friday, when Disney unleashed the irresistible power of Force Friday. Let’s just say the decision to release the movie the week before Christmas was a calculated decision that the Sith would be proud of, because loads of wallets are going to be […]

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    Best of IFA 2015

    The tech equivalent of a fall/winter fashion show is taking place this week at IFA 2015 in Berlin, and we’re there to get a look at the new gadgets you’ll start seeing on store shelves during the holiday season and beyond — as of this week, you officially have the green light to start working […]

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    5 Drool Worthy Intel-Powered Devices for Back to School

    The bad news about back to school shopping is that you have to go back to school. Bummer! The good news is that back to school time is hands down the best time to finagle a new device out of the parents — you can always give your birthday and the holidays a shot, but […]

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    You Won’t Believe How These 10 Crazy Rich CEOs Geek Out

    I think there was a time when ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ had clear, concise definitions. There were parameters, even if being enclosed in those parameters wasn’t always very pleasant — although I suppose getting boxed in never is. But, what was once associated with nerds — video games, comic books, card games, and the like — […]

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    The 10 Best Prepaid Phone Plans Under $30

    Last year, we took a look at five great low-cost alternatives to high-priced monthly wireless bills from the big four. Well, we’re happy to report the trend has caught on — we’ve got 10 coming your way this year. Thanks to more and more smartphone makers putting out near premium phones at affordable unlocked prices, […]

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    10 Reasons Why You Must Upgrade to Windows 10 Now!

    Windows 10 becomes available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users on July 29, and with it, Microsoft hopes to wash away the ill will engendered by Windows 8. Many PC users felt like a new and unwanted interface was forced on them with Windows 8’s introduction of the Modern UI, with […]

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    You Won’t Believe How Old These 16 Brands Are!

    Feeling old? This might help or hurt — some of the world’s most recognizable brands are getting to be older than dirt, so you can kinda feel good about your age there. Then you see that the PlayStation has turned 20, and you start checking for grey hairs. Such is life. Let’s celebrate, instead — […]

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    28 Disney Characters Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

    Last year, we checked out some hot new looks for our favorite members of Disney’s ever-growing royal family, mostly because that was a lot more fun and a lot less awkward than finding alternative looks for actual royal families. But, like the real world, royalty gets a little more attention than it deserves, so today, […]

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    10 Doughnuts From Across Time and Space

    Doughnuts! This past Friday was their special day, and like any good quasi-holiday that falls on a Friday, we’ll be celebrating it all through the week. Mostly celebrating with eating our weight in glazed goodness, but we’ll take a (short) break to bring you tales of doughnuts that have traversed the bounds of time and […]