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    Google is Bringing Free Wi-Fi Access to Cuba

    As we learned a couple years ago when President Obama first moved to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba, most of the country lacks an internet connection. There’s been plenty of talk over the intervening years of several technology and telecommunications companies jumping in to take advantage of a potential new market. It sounds like talk […]

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    11 Cities for Women in Tech and Why They Are So Great

    If you think Washington is only busy with people creating scandals and gladiators (hello Olivia Pope!), well, you would be wrong. It is also full of awesome women working in tech. For the second year in a row, the nation’s capital nabbed the top spot in SmartAsset’s top cities for women in tech, followed by Kansas […]

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    Here Are 17 Things You Have Because Women Invented Them

    Happy International Women’s Day! Since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day has been a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements throughout history — everything from inventions to political and social developments, all fighting for gender equality. Despite the fact that 49.6 percent of the world’s population is female (it’s easy to forget sometimes!), too often great women in […]

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    23 Disney Characters Drawn Anime Style

    Ever wonder what would happen if east met west in the world of Disney? These artists did, drawing some of your favorite Disney characters in anime or manga style. Enjoy the skill on display — we’ll be over here hoping anime adaptations of Disney movies somehow become a thing. Aurora Artist Kurabayashi Matoni gives us […]

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    22 Star Wars-Inspired High Heel Shoes and Flats

    Star Wars isn’t just a multi-billion dollar marketing and merchandise machine, it’s a muse for some incredibly creative people out there. We’ve already seen what some of them have been able to do with dresses, and you can bet equal attention has been paid to shoes — matching outfits, and all that. Whether you’re a […]

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    Forget Smartwatches, These 3 Rings Are The Next Tech Couture

    The finger is the new prized real estate for this year’s technorati. You’re starting to see a batch of Pope-sized smart rings that you can wear proudly on your finger while you’re getting something useful done. One helps you shop, one helps you sleep, and one helps you stay in touch. While not exactly demure, […]

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    MommyTech TV Talks The Hottest Trends At CES 2016

    CES 2016 is behind us, and the world’s largest tech tradeshow was bigger than ever this year, with more gadgets and ideas than any one person could possibly cover. Good thing we have four! MommyTech TV returned to Vegas for this year’s CES, with hosts Andrea Smith and Rebecca Levey joined by Judie Stanford of […]

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    Our Top Picks of CES 2016

    No slowing down for the world’s largest technology expo — one week and more than 170,000 people later, CES 2016 has passed leaving far more tech than anyone could possibly cover in its wake. We did our best, and good thing, because like always, there were loads of terrific new products on the way in […]

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    Win the Lenovo Yoga 900! Follow Us At CES 2016

    CES takes over Vegas this week, and if you’re a gadget obsessed girl or guy like we are, then you know that it’s pretty much the most exciting week of the year. Last year Lenovo announced several awesome PCs and gadgets at the show, and this year we expect to see more of the same. […]

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    Top 17 Silliest Trends of 2015 We’d Like to Forget

    With 2015 almost behind us, it’s time to look back with some regret at the year that was, because questionable trends were in abundance this year. Some were old trends that either wouldn’t die or took on new life in altered forms that made us yearn for the bad trends of yesteryear. Others were all […]

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    These Top 25 Trailblazing Women Impacted Tech in 2015

    Technology has historically been considered a profession that is unwelcoming to women, but as the industry grows and the rules change, a number of women have made a strong name for themselves, proving the stereotype wrong. As 2015 draws to a close, these women have landed as the top 25 women in the field of […]

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    Winter Fashion Advice From Dogs

    You’ll be Dachshund through the snow like a pro with these winter fashion tips! Who knew dogs could serve double duty as your best friend and your fashion guru? You can thank us later for surviving this winter in style. Leather jacket, fur hat, and aviators? This combination screams chic while remaining practical, leaving you […]

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    12 Hot Holiday Gifts for Him – A Gift Guide

    Holiday shopping season is getting underway, and that means you’re faced with the daunting task of figuring out what to get the inscrutable males in your life. Fortunately, you do have one head start — they want new gadgets, which is a gimme because just about everyone wants new gadgets. Tech is the ultimate safe […]