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    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Hands-on

    As expected, Apple announced the next generation of iPhone today at their event in Cupertino. And, the rumors largely proved true—the iPhone 6 will indeed come in two sizes, with the addition of the larger, 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus, which figures to be a Galaxy Note competitor. The hardware powering the two is much the […]

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    Where are the Smartwatches for Women?

    If 2013 was the year of the fitness tracker, 2014 is turning out to be the year of the smart watch. To that effect, each mobile company at IFA in Berlin this week, had their own smart watch to debut. At each press conference, I anxiously awaited to get a hands on with that perspective […]

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    Back to School Form-factor Guide [Video]

    Time was, and not too long ago, you had two choices—desktop or laptop. Laptop for mobility, desktop for the home. Simple! Well, as you might have noticed, computing has changed, both at home and on the go. In a pretty short time, the market has been flooded with tons of new devices and device categories. […]

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    6 Dirt Cheap Smartphones that are Actually Quite Good

    Cheap smartphones, no contract. Pick one, right? Unsubsidized, off-contract phones come at a high price—high enough to make the confines of a two-year contract preferable by comparison, which is really saying something. But, that’s only true for the flagship phones that get most of the publicity. The market is awash in low- and mid-tier budget […]

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    I Got the Solid State Blues

    Solid state drives are all the range, taking the place of traditional mechanical hard drives in laptops, the have become standard in mobile devices and they’ve even been seen in traditional desktop PCs.  And for good reason.  Solid state drives, unlike traditional drives with a magnetic spinning platter and a head, have no moving parts.  […]

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    The Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2014

    The lines have all dispersed and the costumes have been neatly stored away for the next convention. San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has wrapped up, leaving show-goers with more merch and pop-culture news than anyone can handle. We could go on for weeks talking about James Spader, the original Christian Grey, calmly nailing Ultron at the […]

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    Inside HP Labs of Destruction!

    When Hewlett Packard invites a team of tech journalists out to Houston to look at their laboratories there are a few things you expect. Scientists with Christopher Lloyd’s demeanor and pristine lab coats for one, but once you get to HP’s behemoth campus in North Houston you realize that the HP labs are far bigger […]

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    3 Coming Soon Technologies from Intel That Will Blow You Away

    We recently learned that, hey, Intel doesn’t just do processors, after all. Sometimes, we get off-the-wall stuff  like a messenger with goofy animations—other times, we get some pretty incredible new technologies that could genuinely change the way you live in the near future. At the 2014 Intel Future Showcase in New York, Intel showed off […]

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    This is What Happened When We Called Quirky’s Least Important CEO

    Yes, Ben Kaufman actually picked up! Perhaps you’ve noticed Ben around town – he is the portly man who has recently been spotted rubbing the feet of Garthen Leslie, the inventor behind Quirky’s latest product offering – the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner. But if you thought that commercial was odd, then you may have also noticed that Quirky has been […]

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    Is Crowdfunding for Felons the Next Hot Trend?

    Once Kickstarter got big, I suppose this was always going to be the next big thing. A platform where you can ask for a bunch of people to help you realize your idea for app-controlled motorized venetian blinds naturally leads to platforms where you can just ask people to give you money for, you know, […]

  • Summer 2014


    13 Must-Have Gear for Summer + Headphones Giveaway!

    It was a long, bitter, cold Winter and now that Summer 2014 has finally landed (Spring, we hardly knew you) it’s time to load up the car with some essential Summer gear. That means everything from headphones to hangover pills. We have 13 essentials items that will make your Summer 2014 memorable as well as […]

  • World Cup Babes

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    6 Ways to Get Geeked Out for the World Cup

    In honor of FIFA finally stepping into the 21st century and implementing goal line technology at this year’s World Cup (about four years too late for the English), we’re going to run down all the best ways to get geeked for soccer’s main event. Regardless of where you’re from or what kind of device you […]

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    Exclusive Interview: Noel Lee Talks Beats Acquisition and the Future of Monster

    Well it’s official. Apple has acquired Beats Music and Beats Electronics. With this new acquisition, Apple hopes to breathe some fresh blood into Cupertino while still creating innovative products and music services – all with new Apple employees Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre along for the ride. The final purchase price? $2.6 billion, with $400 […]

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    Does #YesAllWomen Matter?

    There are no shortage of important discussions that need to take place after the mass shooting in Santa Barbara last week. One of those discussions has been taking place on Twitter over the past week, with the growth of the #YesAllWomen hashtag.