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    Withings Go Review

    It seems that every day consumers are bombarded with a new fitness wearable. Wearables unlike the cauliflower trend are here to stay. Retailing for just $79.95, Withings Go stands out from the pack by offering an uber affordable way to track your steps and work outs. For three weeks, all my activities were tracked with Withings Go […]

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    Misfit BaubleBar is the Gaudiest Activity Tracker Ever

    As opposed to smartwatches, we don’t usually expect our fitness trackers to be this fashionable, but we’re not complaining. Misfit has partnered up with BaubleBar to create some jewelry-like lockets for bracelets and necklaces bearing the Misfit Flash, and the only thing we’re liking more than the looks is the name of the new line. […]

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    Microsoft Band Review

    Microsoft has a fitness band? You better believe it because the Microsoft Band is one of the best wearables on the market right now. The Band is loaded up with just about every feature, and it’s a fraction of the price of the soon-to-be-released Apple iWatch. The Band rocks all of the popular fitness/health features […]

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    ARCHOS Activity Tracker Certainly Looks Familiar

    Some say that we oscillate between phases in this society of ours – times of innovation and times of imitation. We might be dipping back into the latter – ARCHOS is unveiling (yet another) fitness tracker at CES this year, and you can expect to see more of the same at this year’s show. The […]

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    Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker Keeps a Pulse on You

    First in the torrent to come of activity trackers is the Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker that contributes its own uniqueness to the market, that of pulse measurements in contrast with activity, or even quality of sleep. In synching with it’s companion App, Withing’s Health Mate, it collects and stores in real time your information. In […]