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    MusicSkins Launches Beatles Skins for Laptops and Cell Phones

    MusicSkins has just launched a whole line of Beatles skins designed for your cell phone, laptop, mp3 player or gaming device. They offer custom fit skins for basically any popular device. Choose from Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, Yellow Submarine, Let it Be, A Hard Days Night, Rubber Soul or other various Beatles skins. It’s a […]

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    Beatles Rock Band Review XBox 360

    The Beatles, really what can you say about an iconic band that has produced music that transcends across generations. So it was with extreme enthusiasm that I got to grab my little plastic guitar and make it weep. Even if I wish there was a sitar controller available. The Rock Band series has broken away […]

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    Coveroo Your BlackBerry with a Custom Engraved Back Cover

    If you want to get your cellphone or iPod laser engraved, it’s a commitment. It’s almost like getting a tattoo for your skin – once it’s done you can’t undo it or turn your skin back to what it once was. The same holds true with laser engraving a gadget. Not to mention, it’s likely […]