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    Lifesize Rawlings Baseball Glove Leather Chair

    It’s time for the World Series, which is terrific if you’re from St. Louis or Boston and not terrific if you’re from anywhere else. Either way, if you’re going to be plopping down to watch the games, you’re going to need appropriate seating. It’s a rare thing indeed that can replace the trusty recliner, but […]

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    Hosu is the Smartest Chair You Might Ever Own

    Hosu is the one chair every woman should get who hates wires but loves their technology.  Hosu is the newest product from Coalesse (a division of Steelcase) and designed by Patricia Urquiola. This chair not only looks like a piece of high-end furniture but also doubles as a smart convertible lounge chair with wire management […]

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    Portable Chair with Speakers is the Best Summer Gadget Ever

    Forget the solar powered chargers, the waterproof iPhone cases, and the rugged splash proof watches, this portable chair with speakers has got to be the best summer gadget ever! So forget packing along some ordinary folding chair for your next beach or camping excursion, instead pick up the Sharper Image’s Portable Chair with Speakers. Then […]

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    X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair Enables Lift Off at Home

    Want to really feel what it’s like to be immersed in a video game? We’ve seen the rumbling chairs and even the vests that make you experience what its like to get shot. However the X-Dream GYROXUS gaming chair lets you move along with the action – turn, dive, lift-off, and climb as you make […]

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    Peak Starpex Obsidian Wood Guitar for PS3/PS2 – Review

    There is a small price to pay to feel like a true rock star in your living room, the Starpex guitar from Peak Products delivers that experience 100%. If you felt that jamming on the plastic guitar that came with the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games was fun but just didn’t quite complete the […]

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    Promax|BDA 2008 Celebrates the Best Promos of the Year

    This week in New York, Promax|BDA held its annual New York conference which celebrates the best that broadcast design of the year. We’re talking about those great commercials, promos, and campaigns that are forces of creativity and entertainment for everyone involved – whether you watch them or helped produce them. The event brings together attendees […]