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    Seagate is Bringing Their Game Drives to the PlayStation 4

    Seagate’s really having fun with their external storage drives for video game consoles. In partnership with Microsoft, they’ve come out with several special editions for game releases, along with HDD and SSD options (most recently showing off a 4 TB HDD along with the Xbox Game Pass announcement). At E3 this week, they’re announcing their […]

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    The PlayStation 4 Pro Can Handle 4k and HDR Gaming

    Gaming in 4k resolution is finally coming to consoles. At a press conference today, Sony confirmed the much-rumored PlayStation Neo, which is now called the PlayStation 4 Pro. With a new CPU and GPU, the PS4 Pro can now handle 4k resolution and HDR, but it’s not quite a dream console. The PS4 Pro looks […]

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    A Huge Chunk of the PS3 Library Will Soon Be Playable on PC

    It’s a good time to be a PC gamer. More and more Xbox One games will be released for both the console and Windows 10, an increasing number of third party games are getting PC ports (the quality of which admittedly varies), and now just about the whole PlayStation 3 library is becoming available. Yesterday, Sony […]

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    Microsoft and Sony Want to Make More PC-Like Consoles

    It’s a strange time in the video game industry — consoles are still selling well, but more and more, we still can’t help wondering if they have a future. With both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One becoming more PC-like (the latter even runs Windows 10!), it’s hard to see the point in making PC-like […]

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    PS4 Update Lets You Remotely Play Games On Your PC or Mac

    Ever since the heyday of AOL Instant Messenger, the ability to avoid people online by going invisible has been essential to staying sane on the internet. Well, PlayStation fans rejoice — as of today, you too can now ghost on your friends and/or random person you added to your instant regret. No stopping there, though […]

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    PlayStation VR Will Be the Cheapest VR Headset at $400

    A new kind of console war is about to break out this year, with the big three virtual reality headsets — PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift — all scheduled for release sometime this year. With the Oculus Rift shipping out on March 28 and the Vive just a week later on April […]

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    PlayStation TV is Roku for Gamers

    One announcement coming out of Sony’s E3 press conference was for a device that has already been around for a few months – just not in the West. The PlayStation TV hit Japan last November, with a release in several other major markets in Asia coming in January. Sony’s tiny home console is now slated […]

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    A Guide to the PlayStation 4’s Launch Titles

    The next-generation of consoles are officially here. Seven years after Sony launched its PlayStation 3, we now have the sleek, powerful and incredibly social PlayStation 4. Unlike the PS3 that was designed to become the ultimate living entertainment hub, the PS4 is a return to a focus on gaming. From the ground up, the PS4 […]

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    PlayStation 4 Coming Holiday 2013 [Video]

    Yesterday in New York, Sony officially announced its entrant into the next great console war – the PlayStation 4 is coming this holiday season to do battle with the Wii U and whatever Xbox Microsoft announces, which should be any day now. The console itself wasn’t shown, not that that’s an issue – no one […]