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    Tech It Out: Robots Might Be Your New Pets, Elon Musk Is Promising $1 Rides & Amazon Go Stores Are Coming To These Cities

    It’s hard to wade through the news overload and keep up with the key things happening in tech, but here at Chip Chick we’ve got the highlights! Let’s jump right into what you need to know! Robots Might Be Your New Pets Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert said their robotic dog SpotMini is in “pre-production.” They will […]

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    10 Futuristic Gadgets You & Your Dog Will Love

    Here at Chip Chick, we love gadgets and we love dogs! The future is here, because we found ten futuristic gadgets you and your dog will love. From gadgets to help making feeding easier to play time more fun, check them out below! Is it an egg? A space pod? No, it’s a high tech […]

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    Woman Sues for Gadget Allergy and Wins

    It turns out gadgets can really make some people sick, as evidenced by a recent French court ruling that awarded the plaintiff a disability grant for ‘gadget allergy’ caused by electromagnetic radiation, according to the BBC. Marine Richard, a former radio documentary producer, sued the southern city of Toulouse last month for exposure to electromagnetic […]

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    Are We Raising the Touch Generation? Intel Thinks So

    There was the Hippie Generation, the Me Generation, Generation X, and now the Touch Generation?! According to a recent article posted on Intel’s Free Press site, we could be raising the next generation of touch savvy or “digital native” tots that could undoubtedly be called the “Touch Generation.”