Teen Charged With Murdering Her Disabled Older Sister After Trying To Wash Blood Off Her Hands In The Snow

When a responding officer rushed to the caller’s house, he found Claire outside of her family home, waving him down.

“I stabbed my sister,” Claire said to the officer several times, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

The officer then saw Claire try to wash what appeared to be blood off her hands in the snow.

The officer also thought he saw blood in the snow close to the driveway of the home, and blood on Claire’s pants.

Manheim Township Police Department; pictured above is Claire in her mugshot

Another officer arrived on the scene and made his way inside Claire’s house along with the first officer who had gotten there.

In one of the bedrooms, the officers found Helen. She had a blood-stained pillow covering her face, and when they moved it, they could clearly see a knife sticking out of her neck.

Although the officers (and later paramedics) tried to help Helen, she sadly passed away.

“Officers and EMS personnel attempted lifesaving measures, but they were unsuccessful,” the Manheim Township Police Department explained in a statement.

“Information obtained so far determined that the incident happened during the overnight hours when the girls’ parents were asleep.”

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, “Anyone charged with homicide in Pennsylvania is not eligible for bail.”

“Claire Miller is being charged as an adult because homicide is not considered a delinquent act in Pennsylvania.”

Claire is currently at the Lancaster County Prison, where she’s waiting for the preliminary hearing.

At this time, it’s not clear what her motive may have been.

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