Cat That Was Instagram Famous Passes Away In A Park After Being Attacked

Several days ago, Chanan took to Instagram to say that Ponzu is no longer with her.

“…Our beloved Ponzu died on Easter Sunday after suffering shock and injuries from an incident in our park,” Chanan explained.

“We are traumatized, lost for words, heartbroken,” she continued. “Our family got physically assaulted that day and there is a pending police investigation to find and charge the perpetrators who showed no empathy for animals nor humans.”

“We feel robbed. Ponzu was taken away from us way too soon. He was only 3 years and 4 months old. We lost our beloved boy. Mango, Tofu, and Kimchi lost their brother.”

Instagram; pictured above is Ponzu with Mango

Chanan went on to say that Ponzu was a very special cat who was loving, caring, gentle, and playful.

On the day Ponzu passed away, Chanan, her boyfriend, and their animals went for a walk to McCarren Park.

As they were walking, a child came up to the family and injured Ponzu, while several adults who were with this child then attacked Chanan, her boyfriend, and their animals.

Speaking to Greenpointers, Chanan revealed that, “the family not only did not offer any apology nor remorse.”

“They immediately began a verbal abuse which escalated into a physical assault. I got punched and kicked by three women.”

Greenpointers reports that people who witnessed the incident were able to intervene, and now the NYPD is looking to speak to anyone who might have seen what happened.

If you witnessed the attack or have any information on who did this, please contact

Instagram; pictured above Chanan smiles along with all of the animals

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