These Luxury Knitted Dog Toys Under $19 Are So Beautiful You’re Going To Want To Keep Them For Yourself

I’ll admit it, one of my favorite things to shop for is dog toys. There’s just something really exciting about picking out things you know your dog will just love!

And honestly, it’s amazing when you come across toys that you know you’re going to appreciate having in your home too.

The English Hound is a shop on Etsy that makes luxury wool knitted dog toys entirely by hand.

Every single one of their dog toys is shaped like a diminutive dog. They look too cute to let your dog play with and resemble more of a child’s toy!

Even though they’re luxury, they’re all under $19 and the shipping is very reasonable. Check out my favorite ones they have, below!

Dachshund Dog Toy

Dachshund Dog Toy image 0

You can get this Dachshund here on Etsy for $18.13

French Bulldog Toy

French Bulldog Toy image 0

You can get this French Bulldog here on Etsy for $18.13

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