69-Year-Old Man Found Alive In The Woods 17 Days After His Wife Reported Him Missing

“Searchers have been scouring the area for any signs of Burleigh and had come up empty-handed until yesterday, Sunday May 16, 2021,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shared in a press release.

“Searchers located a makeshift shelter and a tackle box belonging to Burleigh in the Calf Creek area; however the man is still missing.”

Finally, on Sunday, May 23rd, Harry was found in the woods after having been missing for 17 long nights in the middle of nowhere.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is a photo of the signs and food Harry’s loved ones left in the area, hoping he would find them

A team of people from the Jackson County Search And Rescue were the ones that found Harry that day.

“At approximately, 3:00 p.m., a team of searchers from Jackson County SAR located a shelter southwest of the original shelter found last weekend,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office explained in an update.

“The search crews called out to Mr. Burleigh who responded back. He was found to be walking and complaining of minor pain, but was in stable condition.”

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is the helicopter that arrived to rescue Harry from the woods

“A Brim Aviation helicopter was utilized to hoist Burleigh from his location and transport him to a waiting Lifeflight helicopter. Lifeflight later transported him to an out of area hospital for evaluation.”

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