Cheerleader Found Stabbed To Death In The Woods And A Teen Is Being Charged With Her Murder

Tristyn Bailey was a 13-year-old girl living in Saint Johns, Florida. She attended Patriot Oaks Academy, and she enjoyed cheerleading.

She celebrated her 13th birthday in January. Several months ago, Tristyn was part of her sister Brittney’s wedding.

She would have been getting ready to enjoy her summer vacation soon, but instead, her life was allegedly stolen from her by a teen who attended the same school that she did.

Instagram; pictured above is Tristyn in her cheer uniform

This past Sunday, May 9th, many families were celebrating Mother’s Day, but Tristyn’s family was desperately searching for her.

Tristyn’s family contacted the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office that morning at around 10 a.m. to report her as missing.

They had last seen Tristyn around midnight on Saturday, and she was seen around an hour later near the Durbin Amenity Center. She was wearing a white-colored cheer skirt and a dark-colored shirt.

Twitter; pictured above is a screenshot of the tweet from the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office discussing where Tristyn was last seen

The St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office and Tristyn’s loved ones took to social media to share the news of her disappearance, hoping someone would know something.

Her school was also contacted, but nobody had any information on where she had gone. She had vanished into the night.

A few hours later, Tristyn was found, but it was not an outcome that everyone had hoped for.

Twitter; pictured above is a flyer that was circulated on social media regarding Tristyn’s disappearance

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