Everything You Need To Know About Lisa Wilson, The Mom Everyone Is Talking About After Her Son Got Picked To Play For The NFL

Zach has called his mom Lisa his “biggest supporter and one of the only people who believed in me when nobody else did.”

Zach has frequently posted photos of him and Lisa on social media, and he has written a lot of sweet messages thanking her for being an amazing mom.

Lisa is married to Mike Wilson, Zach’s dad, and they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary this March.

They’re really a football-focused family, as Mike played football in college and Lisa has always enjoyed going to the games.

After Zach got drafted, he read out loud a letter his mom Lisa wrote. “What an amazing journey,” she began in the letter.

“We’re so blessed to have been given the opportunity to raise you and to be a part of your incredible life.

“At 7 yrs old you played in your first little league football game. We knew that moment you were different, that you were special.”

“Your passion and love for the game set the stage and we were officially a football family. You had always said you were going to play in the NFL.”

“We loved you, supported you and tried to give you all the tools you needed to live your best life, even though the NFL seemed like a distant dream…. until it wasn’t.”

“As you know, it wasn’t an easy road. It wasn’t a story of state championships, Mr. Football awards, and dozens of college offers.”

“It was more of a Cinderella story.”

Instagram; pictured above is Lisa

“All of the people that doubted you, that said you weren’t good enough, played a huge role in you standing on this stage tonight, living that dream, that you refused to let anyone take away from you. Every no, every doubt, lit a fire in you and set you out to PROVE THEM ALL WRONG.”

“From 4th string QB in HS to BYU. With the help of your amazing coaches and teammates, you made an impact on and off the field that will never be forgotten.”

“When the world stopped turning due to a global pandemic when so many others froze, you chose to live big, you trained and studied harder than ever before.”

“Your refusal to quit and positive attitude brought a light to so many during a difficult time. Thank you for giving us and all BYU fans a happy place away from the darkness.”

“We are most grateful, that even with your incredible success and incredible popularity, you have remained the gentle, humble and kind, little boy that we love so much.”

“The example you set for your 5 siblings and so many others is priceless. As you start on your new journey, know that your family is so proud of you.”

“That we will wear any color for you, that will travel anywhere for you and will always be your biggest fans. Love, Mom and Dad.”

So what else do you need to know about Lisa?

When she’s not busy cheering Zach on, she posts frequently on Instagram about healthy recipes, cute clothing/accessories, makeup, home building tips, and more. She’s also a dancer and fitness instructor.

She’s upbeat, funny, and the kind of mom everyone would love to have.

“Fitness Fanatic, intuitive cook, home builder, organizer of all sh*t, appropriately inappropriate,” her Instagram bio states.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram here!

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